We need hundreds of Tax Havens

We need hundreds of Tax Havens

We have to go back to the realm of ideas, back to the economic principles, common sense and rationality. We have to renormalise high-performance, boldness and rationality. And in the case of the tax havens, nations need to be optimised into becoming competitive tax havens and not into becoming a tax hell where the State is the central planner of the economy. Tax hells have been tried several times and they failed. And the more a nation gradually goes towards becoming a tax hell, the more it becomes poorer.

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The Overton Window

The Overton Window is a concept in political theory that describes the range of policies and ideas that are considered acceptable or mainstream in a given society at a given time. It was...

What is Money?

To address this, humans have long resorted to specializing in a craft they have an affinity for, trading services rather than doing everything (MISES, 2008). Think, how many of the things...


The Vegan Extreme of the Non-Aggression Principle

Vegans received more than a fair share of ridicule throughout the years. Not eating meat generated a ton of mediocre memes, meanspirited jokes, but also comedic genius with its peak on Jack Whitehall standup special. Though the British comedian pokes fun at the shortcomings of the plant positive dietary position, he ends his bit on a less hostile reflection that much of the hate vegans get is linked to the self-control they manifest. Successfully maintaining a stringent habit, is an achievement many might struggle with. I must confess to yielding quite a lot of enjoyment from vegan-related comedy, but nevertheless, I hold some respect for the vegan position. Firstly, it indeed requires a certain amount of self-control. Perhaps it is self-control misguided into unnecessarily sad life, but still admirable.

What is fascism?

Fascism is a term that was banalized by the left, just like the terms Nazism and Nazi, that stand for National Socialism and National Socialist, respectively. Especially after the rise of far-left groups, such as the Antifa, amongst the youth, the words fascism and fascist are used over and over again to attack their enemies.

Socialism and fascism: Two sides of the same coin

If we think of what has been the European political debate throughout the last century, undoubtedly, we could not fail to consider it as the product of two big apparently opposite ideologies: socialism and fascism. They have characterized—and they still characterise—, the political life of a whole century, exploiting a specific propaganda which had the goal of creating the idea of two kinds of economic and political structures, born to be genetically contrasting.In fact, they have been much more similar than socialists and fascists would have desired and believed.


Time Preference

In the 19th century the Austrian Economist, Bohm Bawerk, introduced what we now know as time preference. In Bawerk’s words:

“Present goods are always of more value than future goods of the same kind and quantity.”

The ECB is raising rates, but it is also committed to buying more government bonds

Like the Fed, the ECB is just pretending to fight the high CPI. The fact that the ECB’s balance sheet has stopped increasing and that eurozone’s M2 is increasing at a slower pace than in 2020 and 2021 are factors that reduce the pressure on price increases, but this only means that, best case scenario, the ECB will be able to bring the CPI to lower levels. It is less likely that prices will return to pre-2021 levels. This would require a price deflation.

The real meaning of inflation

A distinctive feature of the economists of the so-called “Austrian School of Economics” is that they advocate a theory of money considerably different from that of their colleagues in other schools of economic thought.
The differences between the aforementioned approaches already begin in the very definition of the word inflation and this will be the main topic of this article.


Is it wrong to use the Star of David to protest Discrimination?

The Yellow Star of David, which the National Socialists would make the Jews wear in order to stigmatise them, started to be used again, recently, with the wording ‘Not vaccinated’, by protestors against the mandatory Covid-19 vaccination and vaccine passport schemes. The mainstream media, outraged by this, labelled the action as radical and antisemitic. Is it really? Or is it just a way to make a political statement proportionate to the current government policies? I will answer this question through an analysis of facts.

The people in charge are doing a terrible job

We are used to seeing press conferences discussing what measures will be or have been effective at reducing the spread of SARS-CoV-2. The media appears to assert almost axiomatically that if a restriction or mandate will reduce the spread of the virus, it should be implemented and there should be no further debate. Despite – at least in the case of the British Government’s SAGE committee – the dozens of fundamental u-turns on issues such as the safety of schools, efficacy of general mask usage, feasibility of herd immunity, and even Matt Hancock’s alarming uncertainty on the effectiveness of the vaccines, we are told time and time again to “trust the science.” To question their ever-changing gospel is to be “anti-science”, “a dangerous conspiracy theorist” and worthy of censorship, but scientific truth is decided by the universe, not by scientists.

Science & Technology

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Le Libertarianisme dans One Piece: La Quête de la Liberté

Le Libertarianisme dans One Piece: La Quête de la Liberté

Le thème principal de One Piece, à première vue, est le « voyage spirituel » du protagoniste, Monkey D. Luffy, qui est à la recherche de l’île insaisissable appelée « Laugh Tale » dans le but de devenir le « Roi des Pirates » Cette quête peut être vue comme une métaphore d’un voyage spirituel, semblable à la recherche du Saint Graal dans les récits médiévaux. Cependant, il est intéressant d’explorer les sous-entendus philosophiques et politiques qui imprègnent l’histoire, en particulier la représentation de Luffy comme un parangon du libertarianisme.

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La Fenêtre d’Overton

La fenêtre d'Overton est un concept de théorie politique qui décrit l'éventail des politiques et des idées considérées comme acceptables ou courantes dans une société donnée à un moment...


Preferência Temporal

Preferência Temporal

No século XIX o Economista Austríaco, Bohm Bawerk, introduziu o que hoje conhecemos como preferência temporal.
Nas palavras do Bawerk:

“Bens presentes sempre têm mais valor do que bens futuros da mesma espécie e quantidade.”

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O que é fascismo?

Mas afinal, o que é o fascismo? Essa é uma pergunta que a maioria das pessoas não sabe responder. É normal que a maioria das pessoas não saiba o que realmente é o fascismo, porque a maior...


Idiocracia: de la Ficción a la Realidad

Idiocracia: de la Ficción a la Realidad

Idiocracia es una película de comedia y ciencia ficción estadounidense estrenada en 2006. Sigue a Joe Bauers, un bibliotecario del ejército de los EE. UU., y Rita, una prostituta, quienes son seleccionados, como las personas más promedio, para participar en un experimento de hibernación del gobierno. El experimento sale mal y ambos se despiertan 500 años en el futuro, solo para descubrir que el mundo se ha vuelto significativamente más tonto (ya que las personas más inteligentes han tenido menos hijos) y que ahora son las personas más inteligentes del planeta.

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Socialismo e fascismo: Due facce della stessa medaglia

Socialismo e fascismo: Due facce della stessa medaglia

Se pensiamo a quello che è stato il dibattito politico europeo nel corso dell’ultimo secolo, senza dubbio, non possiamo non considerarlo come il prodotto di due grandi ideologie apparentemente opposte: il socialismo e il fascismo. Queste visioni hanno caratterizzato- e caratterizzano tuttora- la vita politica di un intero secolo, sfruttando una specifica propaganda che aveva l’obiettivo di creare l’idea di due tipi di strutture economiche e politiche, nate per essere geneticamente contrapposte. In verità, sono stati molto più simili di quanto socialisti e fascisti avrebbero voluto e creduto.

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