Horea Christian

Horea Christian is neuroscientist, psychopharmacologist, and free software developer, working on neuroimaging and psychopharmacology, with a particular methodological focus on free, open, and reproducible research. His particular interests relating to freedom lie in how it can invigorate exploration and creation, as manifested in science and engineering. Over the course of his academic career he has studied at the University of Heidelberg (DE), the State University of St. Petersburg (RU), and the ETH Zurich (CH), from which he holds a doctorate. He has further worked as a researcher at the University of Oxford (UK), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA/USA), and the University of Oldenburg (DE). He self-publishes numerous academic and software resources, best accessed via his website, chymera.eu
Articles by: Horea Christian
What You Need to Know to Join the Alt-Tech Exodus

What You Need to Know to Join the Alt-Tech Exodus

So, you’ve heard that big tech companies have transcended the niggling free market and reached the lofty heights of partisan politics — and act accordingly. Unlike prominent political figures you might not make the top of the purge list, but it’s no secret that censorship is surging. Both to protect your freedom, and to stop providing resources to those who would undermine it, it makes sense to jump ship. Now, when everybody else is also doing it. But how?

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