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Libertarian Europe podcast is hosted by Lucas Nunes, a journalist, based in Dublin, Ireland.

Libertarian Europe podcasts hold several themes, especially themes regarding libertarianism in the old continent, politics, economics, current events, history and philosophy. 

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Our episodes

What is the fascist doctrine, after all? In this episode, we will explore fascism, this economical, social and political doctrine idealised by Giovanni Gentile and Benito Mussolini and the two most famous nations where fascism was applied: Italy and Germany, under this regime.


How much shall we trust our governments? In this episode we will explore the events where the British government scientists performed several experiments simulating biological and chemical attacks on its own population for several decades, exposing millions of unaware citizens to dangerous bacteria and chemicals.

This episode is about the the importance of critical thinking in an era of Complicity Theorists and growing censorship.

In this episode, the idea of a global minimum corporate tax and how it could affect European countries will be analysed.

In this episode learn more about talk about the free Republic of Cospaia, a nation with no government and no taxes that existed for nearly four centuries.

In this episode learn more about why we won’t have an economic boom just after the crisis.

In this first episode I will make a review about my favourite introductory book to economics and politics, Economic Policy: Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow, by the Austrian Economist, Ludwig von Mises.