Denmark to become the first country in the world to tax cow fart

by | Jul 10, 2024 | News

The green extremist agenda aims to make the Danes poorer from 2030 as Denmark becomes the first country in the world to tax cow farts and also pig farts.

The policy, which seems to have come out directly from the American film, Idiocracy, aims to curtail meat consumption by rendering it less accessible, especially to the broader public, primarily the less affluent, through the imposition of substantial taxes.

The policy has faced strong opposition from farmers and agricultural organizations, who argue that the tax will place an unfair financial burden on the farming community. They contend that the tax could lead to increased costs for meat and dairy products, potentially hurting both producers and consumers. Additionally, critics claim that the policy could drive farmers out of business or force them to reduce herd sizes, which could impact the country’s food supply and rural economies.

The State of Denmark already heavily punishes its citizens with its exploitatory taxes as it ranks second in the world for Tax to GDP Ratio, behind only Nauru.

Despite the controversy, the Danish government remains intransigent in its commitment to the green extremist agenda that disregards the economy, the well-being of individuals and individual freedom.