Public Education – A socialist fetish

Public Education – A socialist fetish

Much is said about education. In fact, it seems that saying that ‘education is the solution for the world’ is, alongside various forms of entertainment, in a hedonistic society, unanimous. I intend to question the reason for this fetish for education, but first I want to question why people turn to the worst means of realising this fantasy, the state.

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Public Education – A socialist fetish

Much is said about education. In fact, it seems that saying that ‘education is the solution for the world’ is, alongside various forms of entertainment, in a hedonistic society, unanimous. I intend to question the reason for this fetish for education, but first I want to question why people turn to the worst means of realising this fantasy, the state.

Cars in Free European Cities

Liberty respecters throughout the world have a bit of a love affair with cars, indeed it appears rather similar to the love affair which liberty disrespecters have with centrally planned golem conveyors. But is it just as dumb?

The Vegan Extreme of the Non-Aggression Principle

Vegans received more than a fair share of ridicule throughout the years. Not eating meat generated a ton of mediocre memes, meanspirited jokes, but also comedic genius with its peak on Jack Whitehall standup special. Though the British comedian pokes fun at the shortcomings of the plant positive dietary position, he ends his bit on a less hostile reflection that much of the hate vegans get is linked to the self-control they manifest. Successfully maintaining a stringent habit, is an achievement many might struggle with. I must confess to yielding quite a lot of enjoyment from vegan-related comedy, but nevertheless, I hold some respect for the vegan position. Firstly, it indeed requires a certain amount of self-control. Perhaps it is self-control misguided into unnecessarily sad life, but still admirable.


The ECB is raising rates, but it is also committed to buying more government bonds

Like the Fed, the ECB is just pretending to fight the high CPI. The fact that the ECB’s balance sheet has stopped increasing and that eurozone’s M2 is increasing at a slower pace than in 2020 and 2021 are factors that reduce the pressure on price increases, but this only means that, best case scenario, the ECB will be able to bring the CPI to lower levels. It is less likely that prices will return to pre-2021 levels. This would require a price deflation.

The real meaning of inflation

A distinctive feature of the economists of the so-called “Austrian School of Economics” is that they advocate a theory of money considerably different from that of their colleagues in other schools of economic thought.
The differences between the aforementioned approaches already begin in the very definition of the word inflation and this will be the main topic of this article.


French Elections: The Illusion of Democracy

The French presidential election happened a few weeks ago and the results were no surprise to myself nor to many people. From the first round, it was clear that the left-wing Emmanuel Macron would once again win and be the president of France for a second term. Those who have been following the situation in France over the last five years know this result can only be tragic for France’s future in terms of freedom.

However, I thought it was important, in this context, to discuss the notion of democracy, that is always being praised in France, particularly by politicians, and what the figures of this French presidential election reveal about it. By the end of this article, it will be clear to you why France is not a democracy and why democracies are doomed to fail.

New Geopolitical Equilibrium

All conflicts between two or more people could end in two ways. Either the people involved sit down and try to find a compromise in order to get back to normal relationships, or they completely ignore each other for the rest of their lives and the conflicts ends once they are all dead. For nations, the second alternative is almost impossible, because nations live for centuries or even ages. In consequence, a compromise will follow sooner or later. If all nations involved are satisfied with the compromises they have made, we enter a new phase of equilibrium, in case of states, a geopolitical equilibrium.

Who is responsible for the energy prices surge?

Gas prices have risen to record levels in October this year and are back to similar levels as we speak. The main reasons that the mainstream media are giving you are the Ukraine-Russia tensions, or the delay regarding the approval of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. But what if at the core of the surging prices in Europe was the European Union itself?

They want the end of detached houses

The government of Emmanuel Macron wants to put an end to the detached houses, according to Minister Delegate for Housing, Emmanuelle Wargon. France is not alone when it comes to those absurd ideas regarding housing and we should be concerned.

Is it wrong to use the Star of David to protest Discrimination?

The Yellow Star of David, which the National Socialists would make the Jews wear in order to stigmatise them, started to be used again, recently, with the wording ‘Not vaccinated’, by protestors against the mandatory Covid-19 vaccination and vaccine passport schemes. The mainstream media, outraged by this, labelled the action as radical and antisemitic. Is it really? Or is it just a way to make a political statement proportionate to the current government policies? I will answer this question through an analysis of facts.

Science & Technology

Get a Clear Picture of Science News

Pop-science is currently no topic to overlook on social media. Websites or social media groups sharing factoids or infographics amass millions of likes and receive a high number of content re-shares. In parallel, pop-science magazines also attract many readers and have a strong online presence.

What You Need to Know to Join the Alt-Tech Exodus

So, you’ve heard that big tech companies have transcended the niggling free market and reached the lofty heights of partisan politics — and act accordingly. Unlike prominent political figures you might not make the top of the purge list, but it’s no secret that censorship is surging. Both to protect your freedom, and to stop providing resources to those who would undermine it, it makes sense to jump ship. Now, when everybody else is also doing it. But how?


City air makes you free: How cities freed medieval people

‘Stadtluft macht frei’ (‘City air makes you free’) is a popular German saying, referring to a principle of law in place in Europe during the Middle Ages. This one would enable a serf living unfree under feudalism to become free from their lord, in a city, after a period of one year and one day. This increased the migration of medieval people seeking freedom from the feudal territories to the cities from the 11th century onwards.

Because of that freedom, cities became a centre of trade, gathering merchants, entertainers and much more, and offering a large variety of products and services. This made the cities vibrant and prosperous, with its inhabitants enjoying better life conditions than on the feudal territories.

Britain’s Free Radio Revolution

In the beginning of the 1960s, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) had the monopoly of radio in the United Kingdom. In fact, apart from one commercial TV network, the airwaves were owned by the BBC. As it happens with any monopoly, because of the lack of competition, the broadcaster was not particularly interested in providing better quality services, and ones that would fit the demand of the British. Because of that, some people started their own radio stations broadcasting their programmes from boats located outside the British territorial waters. These were known as free (or pirate) radios.

The Window Tax: Daylight Robbery

The Window Tax was a property tax based on the number of windows in a house, first introduced in Britain in 1696 and later on, in France. It resulted in a new form of tax avoidance, as people started to brick up their windows in order to avoid paying the tax. Those old houses with windows having been bricked up or plastered can still be seen in England and France today.

Reblochon: the French Cheese born from Tax Evasion

Reblochon is a soft French cheese made in the Alpine region of Savoie from raw cow’s milk. It is, without a doubt, one of the most famous French cheeses. It is commonly used for cooking in France and is a key ingredient to several dishes such as the popular Tartiflette; a Savoyard gratin made from potatoes, bacon and onions. However, few people know the story behind the origin of this cheese. In fact, Reblochon was born as a result of an early form of tax evasion in the Middle Ages.

The anarchist Republic of Cospaia

People often think that the lack of a government and the lack of laws would create some kind of Mad Max Society, where people would savagely kill each other. Hollywood certainly helped to shape our thinking about how the abstention of some authority would lead us to total chaos, after all, they have been making a lot of movies with themes such as the wild west since the beginning of the twentieth century. I am sorry to disappoint you, but the wild west was not that wild. Perhaps in another article I will talk about the Wild West not being Wild. In this article I will talk about something older and in the old continent.


Public Education – A socialist fetish

L’éducation publique – Un fétiche socialiste

On parle beaucoup d’éducation. En fait, il semble que dire que « l’éducation est la solution pour le monde » fait, à côté des diverses formes de divertissement dans une société hédoniste, l’unanimité. J’ai l’intention de m’interroger sur la raison de ce véritable fétiche pour l’éducation, mais je veux d’abord me demander pourquoi, si ce fétiche existe, les gens se tournent vers le pire moyen de réaliser ce fantasme, l’État.

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Le vrai sens de l’inflation

Voyons d'abord quelle est la définition courante de l'inflation. Selon Mankiw (2016) l'inflation est :L’augmentation du niveau général des prix de l’économie (MANKIW, 2016, p. 40).D'autres...


Public Education – A socialist fetish

Educação Pública – Um fetiche socialista

Muito se fala em educação. Na verdade, parece que dizer que “a educação é a solução para o mundo” é, ao lado de diversas formas de entretenimento numa sociedade hedonista, unanimidade. Pretendo questionar o porquê desse verdadeiro fetiche por educação, mas antes quero questionar o porquê de, existindo este fetiche, as pessoas se voltarem para o pior meio de se realizar esta fantasia, o estado.

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Mas afinal, o que é o fascismo? Essa é uma pergunta que a maioria das pessoas não sabe responder. É normal que a maioria das pessoas não saiba o que realmente é o fascismo, porque a maior...


Public Education – A socialist fetish

Educación Pública – Un fetiche socialista

Mucho se habla de educación. De hecho, parece que decir que “la educación es la solución para el mundo” es, junto a las diversas formas de entretenimiento en una sociedad hedonista, unánime. Pretendo cuestionar el por qué de este verdadero fetiche por la educación, pero primero quiero cuestionar por qué, si existe este fetiche, la gente recurre al peor medio para realizar esta fantasía, el Estado.

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Cos’è il fascismo?

Cos’è il fascismo?

“Fascismo” è un termine che è stato banalizzato dalla sinistra, così come i termini “Nazismo” e “Nazi”, che si riferiscono rispettivamente a Nazional-socialismo e Nazional-socialisti Specialmente dopo l’ascesa di gruppi di estrema sinistra, come gli Antifa, tra i giovani, le parole fascismo e fascisti sono usate di continuo per attaccare i propri nemici.

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