Van Morrison’s Songs for Freedom

Van Morrison’s Songs for Freedom

Van Morrison is a well-known Northern Irish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been performing for seven decades, in a variety of music genres such as rock, R&B and blues. In 2020, he started using his music to defend freedom against the pandemic restrictions that the UK government has been imposing. Those restrictions have also been harming the music industry as live concerts were whether being cancelled or socially-distanced.

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Spreading The Ideas Of Liberty

The liberty movement has often struggled with trying to convince people to embrace freedom, liberty and individuality; to create a beautiful world where people are free to pursue personal happiness and embrace the personal responsibility that comes with it.

Do we need a government?

If we take a step back and look at the past two hundred years, there have been radical changes. Slavery has been abolished virtually everywhere, democracy is widespread, wars are less common, and world poverty has never been lower.

We must maximise our freedom

Freedom is not granted, and achieving it is not particularly easy or fast, like any achievement, it requires time and effort to spread the right ideas, which in their turn will lead to the right actions. It is a daily fight.


Free Banking Theory and History of the Monetary Sphere

Throughout the history of economic development, banking, and the monetary sphere as a whole, has been the subject of widespread unease to people and a seductive opportunity for Governments. Indeed, there is likely no other institution that has seen such a wide array of Government controls in some form or another; whether that be the formation of central banks, regulations, interventions or monopolisations; all for the purposes, we are told, of maintaining stability and ensuring any economic crises is averted or lessened.

This however is not the case. In fact governments’ seizing control over any aspect of money and banking, has seldom been for the purposes of stability or fiscal reasoning.

The Cure for Healthcare: Reforming Healthcare against NHS Propaganda

No subject could be more controversial to discuss in the UK more than reforming; or abolishing the NHS. The NHS has existed for over 70 years, and over that time the British people have insisted in telling themselves that, they have ‘the best healthcare system’, and that the NHS is ‘the envy of the world’.

The only problem is…none of this is even close to being true.


Is it wrong to use the Star of David to protest Discrimination?

The Yellow Star of David, which the National Socialists would make the Jews wear in order to stigmatise them, started to be used again, recently, with the wording ‘Not vaccinated’, by protestors against the mandatory Covid-19 vaccination and vaccine passport schemes. The mainstream media, outraged by this, labelled the action as radical and antisemitic. Is it really? Or is it just a way to make a political statement proportionate to the current government policies? I will answer this question through an analysis of facts.

The people in charge are doing a terrible job

We are used to seeing press conferences discussing what measures will be or have been effective at reducing the spread of SARS-CoV-2. The media appears to assert almost axiomatically that if a restriction or mandate will reduce the spread of the virus, it should be implemented and there should be no further debate. Despite – at least in the case of the British Government’s SAGE committee – the dozens of fundamental u-turns on issues such as the safety of schools, efficacy of general mask usage, feasibility of herd immunity, and even Matt Hancock’s alarming uncertainty on the effectiveness of the vaccines, we are told time and time again to “trust the science.” To question their ever-changing gospel is to be “anti-science”, “a dangerous conspiracy theorist” and worthy of censorship, but scientific truth is decided by the universe, not by scientists.

Science & Technology

Get a Clear Picture of Science News

Pop-science is currently no topic to overlook on social media. Websites or social media groups sharing factoids or infographics amass millions of likes and receive a high number of content re-shares. In parallel, pop-science magazines also attract many readers and have a strong online presence.

What You Need to Know to Join the Alt-Tech Exodus

So, you’ve heard that big tech companies have transcended the niggling free market and reached the lofty heights of partisan politics — and act accordingly. Unlike prominent political figures you might not make the top of the purge list, but it’s no secret that censorship is surging. Both to protect your freedom, and to stop providing resources to those who would undermine it, it makes sense to jump ship. Now, when everybody else is also doing it. But how?


Britain’s Free Radio Revolution

In the beginning of the 1960s, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) had the monopoly of radio in the United Kingdom. In fact, apart from one commercial TV network, the airwaves were owned by the BBC. As it happens with any monopoly, because of the lack of competition, the broadcaster was not particularly interested in providing better quality services, and ones that would fit the demand of the British. Because of that, some people started their own radio stations broadcasting their programmes from boats located outside the British territorial waters. These were known as free (or pirate) radios.

The Window Tax: Daylight Robbery

The Window Tax was a property tax based on the number of windows in a house, first introduced in Britain in 1696 and later on, in France. It resulted in a new form of tax avoidance, as people started to brick up their windows in order to avoid paying the tax. Those old houses with windows having been bricked up or plastered can still be seen in England and France today.

Reblochon: the French Cheese born from Tax Evasion

Reblochon is a soft French cheese made in the Alpine region of Savoie from raw cow’s milk. It is, without a doubt, one of the most famous French cheeses. It is commonly used for cooking in France and is a key ingredient to several dishes such as the popular Tartiflette; a Savoyard gratin made from potatoes, bacon and onions. However, few people know the story behind the origin of this cheese. In fact, Reblochon was born as a result of an early form of tax evasion in the Middle Ages.

The anarchist Republic of Cospaia

People often think that the lack of a government and the lack of laws would create some kind of Mad Max Society, where people would savagely kill each other. Hollywood certainly helped to shape our thinking about how the abstention of some authority would lead us to total chaos, after all, they have been making a lot of movies with themes such as the wild west since the beginning of the twentieth century. I am sorry to disappoint you, but the wild west was not that wild. Perhaps in another article I will talk about the Wild West not being Wild. In this article I will talk about something older and in the old continent.


Van Morrison’s Songs for Freedom

Les Chansons Pro-Liberté de Van Morrison

Van Morrison est un auteur-compositeur-interprète et multi-instrumentiste nord-irlandais bien connu qui se produit depuis sept décennies dans une variété de genres musicaux tels que le rock, le R&B et le blues. En 2020, il commença à utiliser sa musique pour défendre la liberté contre les restrictions liées à la pandémie imposées par le gouvernement britannique. Ces restrictions ont également nui à l’industrie de la musique, car les concerts étaient soit annulés, soit soumis à la distanciation sociale.

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Van Morrison’s Songs for Freedom

As Músicas Pró-Liberdade de Van Morrison

Van Morrison é um conhecido cantor, compositor e multi-instrumentista da Irlanda do Norte que se apresenta há sete décadas em uma variedade de gêneros musicais, como rock, R&B e blues. Em 2020, ele começou a usar sua música para defender a liberdade contra as restrições relacionadas à pandemia, que o governo do Reino Unido tem imposto. Essas restrições também têm prejudicado a indústria da música, já que os shows ao vivo foram cancelados ou feitos com distanciamento social.

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La Revolución de las Radios Libres en Gran-Bretaña

La Revolución de las Radios Libres en Gran-Bretaña

A principios de la década de 1960, la British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) tenía el monopolio de la radio en el Reino Unido. De hecho, aparte de una red de televisión comercial, las ondas de radio eran propiedad de la BBC. Como sucede con cualquier monopolio, debido a la falta de competencia, la emisora no estaba particularmente interesada en brindar servicios de mejor calidad, y que se ajustaran a la demanda de los británicos. Por eso, algunas personas comenzaron sus propias estaciones de radio transmitiendo sus programas desde barcos ubicados fuera de las aguas territoriales británicas. Estos se conocían como radios libres (o piratas).

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