The liberty message spread through cinema

People often think of movies as mere entertainment, but the truth is, much can be said and transmitted, whether explicitly or implicitly, through a story.

By transmitting certain ideas, values and overall knowledge, movies can change people’s opinions and perspectives on life. This is especially true with teenagers and young adults as they are still in the process of defining their identity. Nowadays, Internet makes it much easier for people to watch movies on a regular basis through streaming. Making more movies focusing on the right ideas and values is an opportunity to revive freedom in our societies.

The Matrix: A Journey of Individual Freedom

The Matrix can be seen as an allegory for oppressive governments who suppress individual freedom and autonomy with an increasing number of arbitrary laws and regulations, and enforce them by means of force with their police or military. As the machines will do anything in their power to keep control over humans, so do authoritarian governments. They will demonise, silence and hunt, even outside their frontiers, anybody who goes against them.

Idiocracy: from Fiction to Reality

Idiocracy is an American science fiction comedy film released in 2006. It follows Joe Bauers, a US Army librarian, and Rita, a prostitute, who are both selected, as the most average people, to take part in a government hibernation experiment. The experiment goes wrong, and both of them wake up 500 years in the future, only to find that the world has become significantly dumber (as smarter people had less children), and that they are now the most intelligent people on the planet.

Demolition Man: Dystopian Science Fiction or Reality

‘Demolition Man’ is an American science fiction action film released in 1993. The plot revolves around former policeman John Spartan who discovers, instead of the Los Angeles he knew, the utopia of San Angeles and uncovers it as being an anti-freedom, prohibitive and controlling authoritarian regime.

Rose Island: the film about the man who created his own country

‘Rose Island’ (Italian: L’incredibile storia dell’Isola delle Rose) is an Italian movie released in 2020 by Netflix. It is based on the true story of Italian engineer Giorgio Rosa who created his own country, the Republic of Rose Island, to have more freedom than he had in his home country, Italy.